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1898 Roughrider hat.

Like all clothing the type, shape, and color of your hat defines your personality. It's highly unlikely that any other single piece of clothing carries the mystic that a quality, distinctively shaped cowboy hat does.

Nothing a traditional cowboy wore was as unique as his hat and the big hat reflected the varied weather and terrain cowboys faced in the N.A. West of the 19th Century.

Tombstone's Curly Bill hat.

Yellowstone Kelly

Grease up yer guns Outlaw's
And cinch them on tight. . . There'll be blood a runnin',
In town before night.

There'll be gun's a blazin'
And singin' with lead
Tonight you'll be drinkin'
Your drinks with the dead.

Excerpt from
The Outlaw's Lament

Rossitter Cavalry Hat.

Devil's Rope

Beans in the pot
Bacons in the pan.
Eat 'em while they're hot
Get 'em while you can
-Old West trail Cooks
call to supper.

Classic Slim Jim Holster.

Open Range Custom Leather Chaps.

Old West shoulder holster

Titus Pullo - the Red Heeler.

Code of the Old West:
Never touch a Cowboy's hat or try to pat his dog.


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Home of The Last Best Cowboy Hat.

We are designers and makers of hand made hatbands, cowboy and western hats, custom gun leather, chaps, and other cowboy leather. We strive for authenticity in the pieces we reproduce from the 19th and early decades of the 20th century. Our custom hats and leather are made to order and to last.

We promise to make no two custom pieces exactly the same - and our originality and individuality bring clients back time and again to our order catalogue. Moreover, we use what we design and make in Wild West Shows and at SASS Events. We are experts on the old west; cowboys, their tools and western film history - but we do not know everything.

We are located in cowboy country in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Calgary, Canada. There are over 125 pages of old west history on our web site, and in our Trading Post we stock some of the most original and authentic cowboy goods around. So take your time, have a mosey around. . .there is lots to see in The Last Best West. Testimonials

New hats coming up in the following weeks and months: General Grant, Micah Torrence, Butch Cassidy, a Monte Walsh hat and more! Including our new Ike Clanton hat, from that great western from 1993, Tombstone. This classic has a 4 dent modified Military style crown. . . continued

We are excited to offer a new line of original Artisan Hat bands made in America! We found a small jewelry maker specializing in using unusual materials to craft their earrings, necklaces and other original pieces. We liked the work so much we engaged them to make us five great looking hatbands, including a classic called Trader Horn, continued

Custom Movie Hats

Our three lines of original poster art (Old West Posters, Authentic Wanted Posters, and Legends of the West) can be seen all over the world, from homesteads and club houses to fancy Dance Halls and Saloons.

On any page on this site you will find at the top right hand side a link below the eagle in WHITE (GO TO PRODUCT INDEX) that will bring you back to our online catalogue.

Down this page are links to all our fine cowboy gear, as well as links to their main product page. You will likely want to save this page as a favorite and visit us often. New goods are sneaking through the mountain passes all the time.

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WE HAVE NO PRODUCT CATALOGUE TO MAIL TO CLIENTS! All our products are listed below.

We love talking to customers - however you will find most questions can be answered with a little exploration of our web site. Most everything about our quality custom western hats can be answered by clicking here.  For shipping times and information please click here.   ABOUT US :: SHIPPING POLICIES :: RETURN POLICIES :: CONTACT US

Please e-mail your questions; quote requests or comments to

ORDERS CALL TOLL FREE: 1-866-207-1909.  :: Overseas buyers please read this :: All Our Contact Info

We are always here to help, but not always at the very second you call. We will return the call if a detailed message is left.

ORDER DESK HOURS: MON - THURS: 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM Eastern.

The Last Best Cowboy Hat

Custom Cowboy Hats

Custom Cowboy and Western Hats and Accessories
The Next Generation of Custom Hat Makers

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We know Cowboys, we know the Old West and we know Cowboy Hats!

Order your hat today and get in time for Father's Day 2014

It's the last thing you take off, and the first thing that's noticed.

OUR STANDARD DELIVERY IS STILL 6- 8 weeks for our quality hand made cowboy hats.
The Last Best Cowboy Hat. One of a kind Fur-Felt Art.

Like the old Cavalry movies? Check out our Fort Apache, a tricked out Troopers hat, or the Will Munny, 2 more great looking hats, perfect for making a statement on the SASS line. Continued  Then there's the addition to our modern rodeo hats; a throw back to the 1990s - the Line Dancer. More great looking hats for on the Town, Trail, or at the SASS range. Like a bushier look to your hat? See the Frontier hat body we used for the Dodge City. Order with confidence; all hat details are confirmed within a BUSINESS day of your order being placed

We appreciate the confidence you show in us by buying one of our quality beaver/blend western hats. They cost a pretty penny and we want to assure you that we understand the stress ordering a hat, wondering if it will fit. So, should the hat not fit for any reason, we will make sure it gets re-sized and fitting your head. All about hats and how we do it. :: Testimonials

Hats by Movie or Series

Lonesome Dove :: Tombstone :: Open Range :: Outlaw Josey Wales :: 3:10 to Yuma :: Appaloosa :: True Grit
Have Gun Will Travel :: Hidalgo :: Legends of the Fall :: Deadwood :: Broken Trail :: Tom Horn :: Conagher
Butch Cassidy...
:: Assassination of Jesse James.... :: Last of the Dogmen :: Winchester '73 :: The Virginian
Wyatt Earp
:: The Rifleman :: Wanted Dead or Alive :: Nevada Smith :: Pale Rider :: Quigley Down Under :: Unforgiven
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon :: Red River :: Wild Bill :: The Missing :: My Darling Clementine :: There Will Be Blood

Monte Walsh :: Saber River :: Angel and the Badman :: Sons of Katie Elder :: McClintlock :: Hondo :: Good, Bad, Ugly
Cowboys and Aliens :: Wild Wild West :: Destry Rides Again :: Hopalong Cassidy :: Fort Apache :: Posse
Apocalypse Now :: Gods and Generals :: Bandidas :: Purgatory :: Alvarez Kelly :: North and South
Magnificent 7 :: The Tall T :: Quick and the Dead :: Justified :: Longmire :: Hang 'Em High :: Django
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid :: Big Heat :: Treasure of the Sierra Madre :: Casablanca :: Indiana Jones


Crown and Brim Measurements
We make custom cowboy hats
so the crown and brim measurements are pretty much redundant. The hats you see online are our standard hats, if you want a specific crown and brim height we will confirm that after your order is received. We can make up to a six (6") inch crown and a five (5") brim. Any hat with a brim width of more than 4 inches we must start with an oversized hat body, which adds a little to the cost. Most of our cowboy hats have a crown height between 5 and 6 inches and a brim width of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. Hat styles with a wider brim include The Wasey, Quigley, Everett Hitch, Blondie, Little J, The Dunson, Last of the Dogmen, Wild Bill, all our B-Movie hats, and many of our Custom Rodeo Hats.

Our hats are generally named for the character or movie they are from.
 Western Movie Hats
  Cowboy Movie Hats
Classic Hats

Curly Bill

IN TIME for Father's Day 2014

Custom Western Hats

Our signed line dance hat

Lady Ranger
Day at the Races
Rodeo Royal
Boss of the Town
6 Shooter
The Bullock
Bat Masterson Bowler
Butch Cassidy Bowler
The Tolliver
Modern Rodeo Hats
Jesse James Homburg
Top Hand
The Jolan
Bull Rider
Classic Top Hat
B-Movie Hats
Chute Boss
Tom Mix
Tall in the Saddle
King of the Sagebrush
Line Dancer
Rodeo Royal
Poker City Jim
Bronc Buster
The Yakima
Money Round
The Champie
The Stockman
Dodge City
Line Rider
The Stumpy
Dakota Fancy

Nashville,TN November 22 2013 gifting event for The George Jones Tribute Concert.

Our thanks to all these fine folks who graciously came by our booth for a visit, and signed our hat.

Chad Warrix (Halfway to Hazzard), Charlie Daniels, Craig Morgan, Daryle Singletary, Emmylou Harris, Eric Lee Beddingfield, Gretchen Wilson, Jan Howard, Janie Fricke, Jeanne Pruett, Jeannie Seely, Jessi Colter, John Michael Montgomery, Kathy Mattea, Kentucky Headhunters, Leona Williams, Lisa Matassa, Lorrie Morgan, Mark Collie, Montgomery Gentry, Pam Tillis, Ray Stevens,  Rodney Atkins, Sam Moore, Shooter Jennings, Stonewall Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Teea Goans, TG Sheppard, Thompson Square, Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt, and Vince Gill … plus cartoonist Guy Gilchrist!

Country Star, Chad Warrix with Christine and Robyn. Thanks for stopping by sir!

The Cowboy Code or Code of the Old West

The Code of the West was an intangible thing born out of necessity for survival, and is more of an observation on how people acted, then anything else. . .in essence this was the Code of the West: A true Cowboy always helps his neighbor, feeds a stranger and his horse, and maintains his free and independent spirit. In the Old West you never asked a stranger his name or where he came from. It was considered a slight to call another man by his last name - and often last names weren't even known. A cowboy's loyalty to his ranch, his friends, and his talent as a rider and a cowhand were all that mattered. Continued

Cowboy Ten Commandments

Just one God.

Honor yer Ma and Pa.

No telling tales or gossipin'.

Git ye to Sunday meetin’.

Put nothin' before God.

No foolin' around with another fella's gal.

No killin'.

Watch yer mouth.

Don't take what ain't yers.

Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's gear.


"Doin' right ain't got no end. . . ." Captain 'Red Legs' Terrill from The Outlaw Josey Wales. {1976}

Custom Leather Products
We've added a slew of new pictures of our work - check out our gun leather page.

All our Cowboy leather has been researched and designed; tried and tested by Longfellow in Old West Shows and at Cowboy Action Shoots. Our holsters; belts and chaps are based on pictures from museums, archival photos and mail order catalogues from the late 1800s and early decades of the 20th century.

Click here for our CLassic Buscadero - the Have Gun Will Travel Rig. This is the style of gun rig most of us are familiar with, and can be seen in almost all of your favorite tv and movie westerns from the 1950s-60s and 1970s. 


Custom Cowboy Leather

Nat Love was one of the first, great, African American Cowboys. Born a slave in Tennessee on the Robert Love plantation in 1854, Young Nat traveled west in the early 1870s and in 1907 he published his autobiography, The Life and Adventures of Nat Love, in which he claimed to have been friendly with Buffalo Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, Jessie and Frank James, Kit Carson, Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. In addition Nat stated he had been a participant in the most famous range war ever; the Lincoln County War of 1878. Continued

"Every time you shoot at someone, plan on dying."

We were honored to be asked to reproduce the hat (modified Curly Bill), chaps (modified open range), and cartridge belt (our 3 inch), shown at right being worn by 1870s cowboy, Nat Love, for the Smithsonian Museum of American History, in Washington.

Hello Longfellow and Sonja!
Xavier Carnegie here, just writing to thank you for your amazing work on our gear pieces at the Smithsonian Institution for our program “Love on the Range,” featuring historic cowboy Nat Love. Everything you folks made, from the beautiful custom hat, to the leather chaps and gunbelt, have been fantastic. . .

S. Xavier Carnegie
Theatre Programs' Creative Director
Smithsonian National Museum of American History


If a cowboy hat is a regular part of your attire, and you think that black jeans are dress pants, then you are going to want to read The Last Best West. Set in 1896 amidst the chaos of the Klondike Gold Rush, this western adventure tells the story of a lifelong grudge between Wasey Bruce and Poke Roberts.

Their hatred travels the breadth of the North American West, and sets the men on different paths for the gold fields of the Klondike River, in the wilds of the Yukon Territories. Two thousand miles of adventure are between the men and the Klondike and each will have their mettle tested before they arrive by different paths in Dawson City, where millionaires are a dime a dozen and horses are as rare as a pretty woman. The Last Best West, where making your fortune does have a cost. Want more? Read the first 20 pages at before buying.

Available for immediate download for just $6.99 at

Quality Hand Made Leather Hatband's

Freshen the look of your favorite old hat with a new custom hat band from The Last Best West. Introduced in the spring of 2011 our hatbands are all made by hand, and have that authentic Cowboy flavor to help you stand out from the herd.

We've adapted a slider (SEEN BELOW) so every hat band ties off at the back and is held in place by light pressure. It's surprisingly fast and you can easily take our hatband off and put it on a different hat. This design innovation gives a dang fine fit every time.

Two new hatbands added! Thunderheart and Spotted Horse.



We are excited to offer a beautiful line of Artisan Hatbands hand made in America! These great looking hatbands incorporate natural and synthetic materials in a dynamic design, to give an old hat a new look, or any hat 2 different looks!


Hand made Artisan Hatbands
Please e-mail your questions and quote requests to
ORDERS CALL TOLL FREE: 1-866-207-1909. 
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Old West Posters
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Old West Posters


Authentic Wanted Posters
Our Old West Posters were the first on the web back in 2001, since then there have sprouted many CAFE imitators. They may be cheaper, but they come on modern, glossy, movie poster, paper. Our poster paper is heavy duty stock, special ordered by the ream, and is the closest we have found to actual parchment paper that would have been used in the 19th century. It's heavy weight and won't get torn or blown off the hitching post! We don't stain it (reducing it's life) all our aging is done with graphics - making them crisp and clear.
Posters are all ~ 11 x 17 inches and are shipped flat.
ORDERS SHIP within 72 hours.


$500 Jesse James
Yellowstone Kelly
$25,000 Jesse James
Sam Houston
Pony Express Recruitment
Sundance Kid and Etta Place
12th NY Cavalry Recruitment
Young Guns circa 1870
Head of Joaquin
Custer and the 7th
Sam and Belle Starr
S. Indiana Vigilance Committee
Las Vegas Vigilante Notice
$7500 Reward
Pinkerton - Reuben Burrows
Order the Dog
Pinkerton - Oliver Curtis Perry
Use it up - or do Without
Pinkerton Circular - Tom Nixon
Dance like no one is watching
There you are.

Buffalo Bill Cody

Dog and Fence Post
Bat Masterson
Wild Bill Hickok
Defend Yourself
Doc Holliday
Your word your Bond
Wyatt Earp
All Women are Ladies
Jesse James
A Bull from the Front
Black Bart
A Good Hat
George Armstrong Custer
Horse doesn't want to go there
Billy the Kid
A good Horse
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
John Wesley Hardin

Legends of the West

Please e-mail your questions and quote requests to
ORDERS CALL TOLL FREE: 1-866-207-1909. 
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Painting of the murder of Wild Bill

A New Take on a Classic Old West Moment

"No by thunder I never kilt one man, without just cause." - Wild Bill Hickok

Old West Badges
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Old West Badges
Old West and Custom Badges




Stinking Badge


Custom Western Badges
Custom Old West Badges
Marshal Deadwood
Texas Rangers Company B
U.S. Marshal Fancy
Texas Rangers Company D
U.S. Marshal Plain
Texas Rangers Company A
Blank Marshal Badge
Special Ranger
Marshal Dodge City
San Jan Colorado Rangers
Marshal Territory of New Mexico
Colorado Rangers
US Marshal Star
California Ranger
US Marshal Round
Territorial Rangers
US Marshal Tombstone
Arizona Rangers
Buffalo Marshal
Captain Arizona Rangers
US Marshal Durango - Round
2 badges + shipping = $30.00
Alaska Territory US Marshal
2 badges + shipping = $30.00
Pinkerton Detective Agency
Pony Express Messenger
Lincoln County Sheriff
Brothel Inspector
Sheriff - Star
Indian Police
Sheriff Presidio County
Bureau Of Indian Affairs
Deputy Sheriff
Yuma Territorial Prison
Deputy Constable
Railway Express Special Agent
Blank Sheriff Badge
Special Agent - Sante Fe Railroad
Sheriff Shield
Union Pacific Special Agent
Sheriff Tombstone
Santa Fe Railroad Guard
Confederate States of America
Contact Us :: Shipping Policies :: Return Policies
Contact Us :: Shipping Policies :: Return Policies
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