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19th Century gun leather.

A cowboy ready for the range.


Quality Leather Chaps

Leather is an important material to cowboys. It wears hard, is like a second skin, and early cowboys soon learned how to work leather to make hardy leather garments to do their jobs better; protect their clothes, and make their lives easier. The leather we use for our custom chaps and leather accessories is top quality, and will stand the test of time.

Chaps were an important innovation, allowing the cowboys to protect their pants and boots when riding through brush, or when a rope slammed against their leg from a misbehaving steer at the other end. Chaps will also keep your legs warm and help keep you dry on foul weather days.

Our quality hand made hats and leather are made to last and our chaps are no exception. Researched and designed by The Last Best West from archival photo's these chaps will give you the wear, look, and protection you need. And will look smart doing it. Order your pair today.

Our Leather Master has been working with leather, hide and fur for more than 30 years, and over his career has made close to a thousand pairs of chaps. For truly authentic, top-notch cowboy chaps and leather accessories you've come to the right place!

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Expect 4-6 week delivery in North America

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  Open Range Chaps

Step-in Shotgun Chap.

Step in Shotgun Chaps

This style of chap with the 2 front pockets was likely the most common design worn by working cowboys of the 19th century. The step in design has a leather gusset down the back of the leg that you step thru to put the chaps on.

Price: $565.00 :: Shipping: $25.00

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Working Cowboys  from the 1880s;
like Charley from Open Range
lived in their chaps.

These are form fitting so measure accurately! :: Our Open Range Cowboy Hat :: Open Range holster and gunbelt

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We were honored to be asked to reproduce the hat (modified Curly Bill), chaps (modified open range), and cartridge belt (our 3 inch), shown at right being worn by 1870s cowboy, Nat Love, for the Smithsonian Museum of American History, in Washington.

Hello Longfellow and Sonja!

Xavier Carnegie here, just writing to thank you for your amazing work on our gear pieces at the Smithsonian Institution for our program “Love on the Range,” featuring historic cowboy Nat Love. Everything you folks made, from the beautiful custom hat, to the leather chaps and gunbelt, have been fantastic.

Attached is a reenactment photo of the famous Nat Love photo I sent you months ago as the blueprint for the gear, with myself as the actor, which was taken by someone in our Media Department, and digitally manipulated for an 1800s effect. I submit it to you, with all the gratitude I can muster for your expertise and guidance in this process!

S. Xavier Carnegie
Theatre Programs' Creative Director
Smithsonian National Museum of American History

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Chap Measurement Chart.

Custom Chap Measurements
The fit of your custom chaps will only be as good as the measurements you supply us with. So please take due care. For accurate measurements you must have someone else measure you: As you stand still and look straight ahead.

Very important that you have on a pair of britches and boots that you plan to wear under your chaps. Always a good idea to measure twice to confirm each measurement.

All details of your custom leather order are confirmed within
1 business day of your order being received.

Chaps that use buckles and straps will have some forgiveness; but step in chaps like our Open Range Style are designed to be form fitting - so for best results
be thorough with your measurements.

See chart to the left for the measurements required.
Click on chart to get a larger graphic.

Your chap measurements will be confirmed via e-mail, after your order is
placed, and when we send you your order confirmation.

E-mail questions to Sonja at:

Expect 4-6 week delivery in North America
Fringed Shotgun Chap.

Wide-leg Fringed Shotgun Chaps
- With zipper or clip closure -

We use heavy, oiled chap leather to produce these good looking, hard-wearing shotgun chaps. Similar to the chaps shown on the 1880s cowboy to the right; and if you'd like yours to have pockets; just ask. All details of your order are confirmed within 1 business day of your order being placed. We close them with a good heavy zipper, and we run fringe down the leg to hide the zipper from view. Available in light or mid-brown oiled leather.

Price: $565.00 :: Shipping: $25.00

Total:$ 590.00 :: Order Now | Check-Out


Fringed Shotgun Chap.

Check out Sonja's
gunbelt and holster.

Light-weight shotgun Chaps - with zipper closure.

We use premium quality leather to make these fine looking fringed shotgun chaps, that are perfect for summer wear. Nickle conchos run the leg of the chaps, and 6 Lone star conchos on the belt add a little sizzle to the design. Shown in a women's model but can just as easily be made for a man. Available in Black or Brown. Easily select your options during the checkout process.

Price: $615.00.00 :: Shipping: $25.00

Total:$ 640.00 :: Order Now | Check-Out

Click for our lady Gunfighter hat.

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Bat-wing Chaps.

Beautifully crafted from tough and durable chap leather, our Batwing style chaps afford great leg coverage on horseback, and can be worn two different ways. They can be made tighter to the leg by using the snap located at the bottom of each chap. One chap - two looks.

Price: $565.00 :: Shipping: $25.00

Total:$ 590.00 :: Order Now | Check-Out

The old TV Series Rawhide, had the actors on a perpetual cattle drive, and everybody but the cook wore chaps. Sheb Wooley models his bat wing style above.

Buckskin Fact

Buckskin and leather clothing and covers made by the Indians, irtually always had a fringe attached. Why is that? Most folks think it was for show - but like most things cowboys used - the fringe on a buckskin jacket, chaps, shirt, knife, or rifle sheath had a function - it channeled water off the garment - keeping it dryer - and after it was wet, allowing it to dry faster.

Basic Leather and Buckskin Care
When wet - allow the leather to dry naturally at room temperature. If stained use a mild mix of dish soap and water and clean carefully with a clean cloth. Commercial cleansers and chemicals should NOT be used, or they may cause discoloring. In the first year the natural oils in the hide should keep it fairly weather repellent. After that  we recommend using a spray protector like Tandy, or Mink Oil, which is an excellent protector for leather (NOT buckskin: it will cause matting if used) mink oil will condition the leather and waterproof it to a certain extent.

Disclaimer! Supplied as information only - your own common sense should always be followed.

Custom Cowboy Hats  

In today's world of depleting Ozone and the rise of melanoma and skin cancer - everyone needs a good hat to shield their face and neck from the harmful effects of the sun. What could be more timeless and useful than a fine fur-felt Cowboy Hat?

It will keep your face and neck in constant shade - regardless of the position of the sun, and your eyes and lips will say thankee-thankee. It'll be your friend for life and will age just as gracefully as you!

Custom Western Hat

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Custom Gun Leather

Hand-made custom gun leather, that most every old west cowboy and wrangler would have needed to be a real Buckaroo.

All our Cowboy leather has been researched and designed; tried and tested in Old West Shows and at Cowboy Action Shoots.

Our holsters; belts and chaps are based on pictures from museums, archival photos and mail order catalogues from the Old West Era: The late 1800s and early decades of the 20th century.

Indian Riffle Sheaths

Mountain men and trappers were the first whites to wander the wild places of the west, and they soon learned the value of fine leather work from the Indians.

Four different quality levels to choose from. Show your style and carry your prized long-arm in a classic Indian rifle scabbard.

We promise to make no two custom pieces exactly the same - and our originality and individuality bring clients back time and again to our order catalogue.

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If a cowboy hat is a regular part of your attire, and you think that black jeans are dress pants, then you are going to want to read The Last Best West. Set in 1896 amidst the chaos of the Klondike Gold Rush, this western adventure tells the story of a lifelong grudge between Wasey Bruce and Poke Roberts.

Their hatred travels the breadth of the North American West, and sets the men on different paths for the gold fields of the Klondike River, in the wilds of the Yukon Territories. Two thousand miles of adventure are between the men and the Klondike and each will have their mettle tested before they arrive by different paths in Dawson City, where millionaires are a dime a dozen and horses are as rare as a pretty woman. The Last Best West, where making your fortune does have a cost. Want more? Read the first 20 pages at before buying.

Available for immediate download for just $6.99 at

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Hand Made Hatbands

Freshen the look of your favorite old hat with a new custom hat band from The Last Best West. Our hatbands are all made by hand, and have that authentic Cowboy flavor to help you stand out from the herd. We still won't sell the custom hat bands that go with our great hats, but here's a selection of 8 original hatband's to help you make your own statement.

We've adapted a slider so every hat band ties off at the back and is held in place by pressure. It's surprising fast and you can easily take our hatband off and put it on a different hat. This design innovation gives a dang fine fit every time.

Leather Hatbands

Custom Saddle


Expert workmanship and attention to detail makes this saddle show beautifully either in the arena or on the range. Please remember that something worth having takes time, and these are made one at a time by hand. So be patient please!

Pricing is based on the level of workmanship displayed to the left. Concho's, leather carving and the such adds to this price, and delivery time. Like all our custom leather goods, our custom working saddle is made in America in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

UP TO 4 MONTHS TO MAKE.  $4750.00 Plus shipping. 

Customers pay $2750 on placement of order and pay the balance when the saddle is ready to ship. Please call your order in with visa or mc to 1-866-207-1909.

Shipping is charged separately once the saddle is on the way.

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Pony Express

Old West Posters

Jesse Woodson James
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