Old West Badges


Old West Badges


Picture: Humphrey Bogart

"We don't need no stinkin' Badges!!"

Was yelled back at Humphrey Bogart's character, by a Mexican Bandito, in the classic movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. But in the Old West of the last part of the 19th century a Ranger, Marshal, Sheriff, or Agent Badge was a much sought after office. With the badge went the job, and if you had the stomach to enforce the law - it was a fairly good paying job compared to many on the western frontier.

We've got a collection of over 40 badges that are exact replicas of the very same badges made famous by the Earp Brothers, Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Garrett and many other lesser known individuals. And now you can have one too.

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Each Old West replica badge is cast from steel and brass, then the badge is double stamped and silver plated.
The badges are similar in size and weight to the originals.

Posted shipping charges are for mainland USA. For shipping to other states, Canada and South America, please add the 10 dollar shipping option. Overseas orders add the 20.00 dollar addtional shipping option. Thank-you.

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Each Old West replica badge is cast from steel and brass, then the badge is
double stamped and silver plated.The badges are similar in size and weight to the originals
Old West Marshal Badges
Old West Agent Badges
Old West Sheriff Badges
Old West Ranger Badges
Special Agent
Sheriff Badge

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Stinkin' Badge

It all started with the classic movie from the 1930s - "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"  and then in the 1970s it was spoofed in the Mel Brook's movie "Blazing Saddles". Now a days it's heard regularly on TV Dramas and sitcoms, like Friends. High quality replica badge. Comes in gift box with story card.

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Marshal Deadwood

Custom Replica Old West Badges

Custom Old West Badges
Available in 3 classic styles: Marshal, Sheriff, and Brothel Inspector. Now you can add that final cowboy flavor to your business, event, or association. Based on original designs from the Wild West these badges are top notch replicas in weight and look of the originals.

More about Custom Western Badges

What is the difference between a Marshal and a Sheriff?

In the old west the powers of the Sheriff and those of a Marshal often overlapped and at times became blurred. Some towns had a Sheriff others had a Marshal. Some Sheriff's were appointed by Counties - so they would be County Sheriffs - but didn't have jurisdiction in any towns within them. The Peace Officer appointed/elected by the town was the final word on law enforcement within town limits. So who out ranks who? Any Peace officer appointed by the Federal Government or Judicial System has the most sweeping powers. A U.S. Marshal can go anywhere and do virtually anything in his pursuit of a felon.

Jurisdiction is what County Sheriff Johnnie Behan thought he had to arrest Wyatt Earp, after Wyatt and his deputies had exacted some revenge for the murder of his brother Morgan and the crippling of Virgil by bushwackers. Behan was a known sympathizer of the "Cowboys" led by Ike Clanton, and this is how an exchange with Earp went, as reported by an eye witness.

Behan, "Wyatt I want to see you. . . ."

"Behan, if yer not careful," Earp replied, "you'll see me once too often. . . ."

Custom Cowboy Hats from The Last Best West
In today's world of depleting Ozone and the rise of melanoma and skin cancer - everyone needs a good hat to shield their face and neck from the harmful effects of the sun. What could be more timeless and useful than a fine fur-felt Cowboy Hat?

It will keep your face and neck in constant shade - regardless of the position of the sun, and your eyes and lips will say thankee-thankee. It'll be your friend for life and will age just as gracefully as you!

We'll give you what you want.
Made to your Specifications. If you don't see what you want - send us a picture - and we'll make our version of that hat. Our Hat Expert

Traditional Cowboy Hats - Authentic Designs
We researched the designs based on historical photos and original mail order catalogues from the late 1800's and the early decades of the 20th Century.

Of particular help was the Smithsonian Website, the Library, and the archives of the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. And of course those great Hollywood Westerns.

Custom Western Hat

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