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     Old Western Wanted Poster


"We were passing the place (picture studio) and thought it would be a good joke to have our pictures taken." So said Butch Cassidy about what became the most famous of wanted posters. Butch's old west hideout - Hole in the Wall

Western Wanted Poster

Jesse James

Called Dingus by his pals, Jesse James, was a cold blooded killer who was left over from the viciousness of the Civil War. Lifelong he was hunted like a wild animal, and justified his crimes by, "they drove us to it. . . ."

Jesse "Call me Dingus. . . ." James.

Jesse just after the Civil War.

Here I lay me down to sleep
To wait the comming morrow,
Perhaps success, perhaps defeat
An everlasting sorrow,
Yet come what may, I'll try it once
My condition can't be worse,
And if there's money in that box,
'Tis munney in my purse.

- Black Bart: Outlaw Poet


WE ARE NOT: Appraisers, buyers, or dealers in old hats, leather, pictures, posters, badges, or any other western or antique memorabilia. PLEASE NOTE that questions of this nature go unanswered.

Wild Bill Hickok


Pony Express Recruitment Poster


(L-R) Wild Bill Hickock,
Texas Jack Omohundro, Buffalo Bill Cody.

Sundance Kid and Etta Place

The original "Hands Up" Poster.

Here's a face begging for an old western poster.
John Wesley Hardin rode thru Texas, leaving 24 dead men behind him.

More about Wes Hardin.

A typical old west wanted poster

Wyatt Earp

Dodge City was a mecca for gamblers, girls and cowboys. Known as the "Queen of the Cow towns," the "wickedest little city in America," and the "beautiful Babylon of the frontier."

Dodge gave the world two terms. "Boot Hill" has become synonymous with a cemetery, "'cause most cowboys died with their boots on."

The first "Red Light District" started in Dodge City in 1874. The most popular western brothel in town had a red pane of glass in it's front door, as a guide to lonesome, drunken cowboys.

"All they raise around Dodge City," an old cowboy once said, "is cattle and hell."

Many "law and order" men tried taming the wild west town, but they all got run outta Dodge or shot dead. Then Wyatt Earp showed up with Bat, Jim Masterson and Joe Mason. In short order Earp and is old west marshals, ". . .made quite a dent in cowboy conceit."

More Wild West History | The Code of the Old West

Dodge City 1876.

Dodge City Peace Commission photo of 1876
Seated Left to right: Charley Bassett, Wyatt Earp, Frank McLain, Neal Brown.
Back Row from Left: Longfellow (recruited in 2007), Luke Short, Bat Masterson, and W. F. Petillon.

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The Gunfighters of the Cody Rendezvous


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