The Real West.

The Real West

The Cowboy Code or Code of the Old West

Here in The Last Best West we believe in the Cowboy Code. . .and not the one Tom Mix and his movie studio used to win over young fans to his early western movies. . .the sentiment was right but the code was hokey.

The Code of the West was an intangible thing born out of necessity for survival, and is more of an observation on how people acted, then anything else. . .in essence this was the Code of the West: A true Cowboy always helps his neighbor, feeds a stranger and his horse, and maintains his free and in dependant spirit. In the Old West you never asked a stranger his name or where he came from. It was considered a slight to call another man by his last name - and often last names weren't even known. A cowboy's loyalty to his ranch, his friends, and his abilities as a rider and a cow hand were all that mattered. :: Cowboy Lingo :: Home :: Product Catalogue

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Say little and complain even less.

· To a Cowboy all women are ladies and all ladies are respected.
· Never touch a Cowboy's hat or try to pat his dog.
· A Cowboy never puts his hat on a bed - it's bad luck.  (Why?)
· When a Cowboy has his hat on straight or tilted down it means he's expectin' bad weather or trouble, and when it is tipped back, he's friendly and affable. When his hat is off a Cowboy is eatin'.
· In the Old West if you wanted to pick a fight - just tip yer hat to a man.

· Death smiles at everyone - Cowboys smile back. . .
- Thanks Brad from Pecos, Texas
Cowboys always tip their hats to the ladies.
- Thanks Nigel from Manchester

· Cowboy's always feed their horses 'fore themselves.
- Thanks Michael from Calgary

· Cowboy's talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much.
- Thanks Charlene from El Paso

· Cowboys take off their spurs before sitting on fine furniture.
- Thanks Tom from Galveston

· Real Cowboys never squat with their spurs on.
- Thanks Lawrence in Calgary.

· A cowboy is known for his hat. Real Cowboys wear a Last Best Cowboy Hat
- Thanks Kevin in Dallas.

· Real Cowboys eat Alberta Beef
- Thanks Aileen from Longview

· With a real cowboy the bull dung's on the outside.
- Thanks Wray from Seebe

· A cowboy knows a good horse never comes in a bad color.
- Thanks Wasey from Peace River

· A real cowboy would never let a 5 buck meal ruin a 100 dollar drunk!
- Thanks Little Duke   

Longfellow {wearing the Johnny Ringo} and Sonja at the World Premier of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Sept 20 2007 in Calgary.


Custom Cowboy Leather

Hand-made custom gun leather, Indian style rifle sheaths, chaps, and leather accessories that most every old west cowboy and wrangler would have needed to be a real Buckaroo.

All our Cowboy leather has been researched and designed; tried and tested by Longfellow in Old West Shows and at Cowboy Action Shoots. Our holsters; belts and chaps are based on pictures from museums, archival photos and mail order catalogues from the Old West Era: The late 1800s and early decades of the 20th century.

"All the cowboys I know are afraid of only two things. . . a decent woman and being set afoot. . ." Teddy Blue Abbott: Cowboy, 1882.

In today's world of depleting Ozone and the rise of melanoma and skin cancer - everyone needs a good hat to shield their face and neck from the harmful effects of the sun. What could be more timeless and useful than a fine fur-felt Cowboy Hat? It will keep your face and neck in constant shade - regardless of the position of the sun, and your eyes and lips will say thankee-thankee. It'll be your friend for life and will age just as gracefully as you!

We'll give you what you want.
Made to your Specifications. If you don't see what you want - send us a picture - and we'll make our version of that hat.

Traditional Cowboy Hats - Authentic Designs
Longfellow researched the designs based on historical photos and original mail order catalogues from the late 1800's and the early decades of the 20th Century. Of particular help was the Smithsonian Website, the Library, and the archives of the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. And of course those great Hollywood Westerns.

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Custom Western Hat

Custom Oversized Saddle Bags

Executive Saddle Bags

Load these oversized saddle bags with all your business gear; throw them over your shoulder and walk a city block or two. You'll never go back to carrying a briefcase. The heavy leather bags can easily hold most anything, including your lap top, legal size folders, binders, note books, and cables. Inside you will find sleeves to hold your wallet, pens, or even a memory stick. We've even put a cell phone sleeve on the outside neck, and a heavy duty handle for easy carrying.

Cowboy Action Shooters will find these oversized saddle bags just the thing to carry all your cowboy action tools. You can easily store a gunbelt; two holsters; spurs, wild rags and ammo. And that's just in one side. On the other side you can carry a two pistol case and more ammo, and in most cases when the flaps are locked the bags are legal for firearm transport.  Further customization of the bags is possible, and is only limited by your imagination.

Click for our Executive Saddle Bag page.

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