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Classic Cowboy Cartoons - by J.R. Williams

Although J.R. Williams died nearly 50 years ago, he inspired a whole generation of cartoonists who followed him, including Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame.

Classic Cowboy Cartoons Volume 1 and 2

Charles Schulz the cartoonist of Charley Brown and his Peanuts pals, related how J.R. Williams inspired him, "I worked once at Northwest Printing as a delivery boy and one day I drew a picture of the man who worked the big cutting machine and how proud he was when he got a new board to stand on. I was inspired, of course, by J.R. Williams and that type of down-home humor."

That down-home humor is reflected in all volume's of William's Cowboy Cartoons. Today, that ranch lifestyle is all but gone, but anyone that has ever lived in a bunkhouse or even modern crew quarters (where you actually have some semblance of privacy, as opposed to a bunkhouse), J.R.'s gentle, homespun humor brings memories flooding back. Far from the social correctness of today's world, bunkhouse life was filled with practical jokes and the compromises of living, literally, on top of each other. Social life and work life were the same and Williams records it well with his gentle sense of humor.

Volume 2 has slightly more emphasis on dude-ranching and early automobiles, providing a comic view of the changes that took place in ranch life in the 1920s to 1930s.

JR Wiliams Out our Way Cowboy Cartoons.

Volume 1 has 152 pages and Volume 2 has 160.
Smyth-sewn soft-cover. 6" X 71/2"

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Classic Cowboy Cartoons - The Characters of Walnut Creek - by J.R. Williams

Many of Williams' characters are based on men he cowboy'd with in the early decades of the 20th century.
Curly Wes Stiffy Cooky Cotton Smokey
Classic Cowboy Cartoons are the perfect gift for any cowboy riding the range or the streets of a city.

About J.R. Williams

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1888, James Robert Williams moved to Detroit before he started school. At age 16 he spent 6 years drifting around the Oklahoma Territory, working as a cowboy on several ranches, before spending 3 years in the U.S. Cavalry. Williams started cartooning professionally in 1922, with the daily cartoon, "Out our Way". At the peak of his career, his quaint ranch cartoons were carried by some 700 newspapers. During his lifetime he published in excess of 10,000 cartoons.

Volume 3 and 4

The Cartoons in Volume 3 and 4 are some of Jim Williams earliest published cartoon work. These classic cowboy cartoons are J.R.'s first cowboy illustrations from the period of 1924-1926. His are all one panel cartoons and are so rich in detail - that they convincingly capture the moment of humor and good-natured comradery that Williams is so noted for creating.

Volume 4 continues the early years of Williams cowboy cartoons and is noteworthy because Curly begins his great novel - much to the amusement of his pards. Volume 3 has 138 pages and Volume 4 has 136. Smyth-sewn soft-cover. 6" X 71/2"

Price: $15.95/Each or both for $29.00 | $14.00 is added for shipping. Overseas buyers please read this.

Total for 1 volume is 29.95 and both is $43.00.

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U. S. Cavalry Cartoons

U.S. Cavalry Cartoons is a collection from the work of one of the great cartoonists of the last century, J.R. Williams. As with most of Williams' cartoons, these reflect his own experience. He did a stint in the U.S. Cavalry in the early 1900s and kept coming back to this experience over the 35 years (1922 - 1957) that he drew Out Our Way, a cartoon that was syndicated in some 700 newspapers. Cavalry Cartoons is $15.95 plus $14.00 shipping TOTAL: $29.95

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Cavalry Cartoons


Out our Way Sampler

Out Our Way Sampler — from the 1920s, 30s & 40s. - by J.R. Williams

For over a third of a century J.R. Williams was the most popular cartoonist in North America. While most of the other cartoons of the era had a primary character, his daily panel, Out Our Way, was based on the trials and tribulations of the working class in general. It has become a record of the evolving urban lifestyle of families between the two world wars. Unlike most modern cartoons, Williams' work was always rich in detail, creating much of his humor with facial expressions and background detail.

The humor was both gentle and insightful as it mirrored the lives of his readers. This sampler spans several decades of his work when Out Our Way was a syndicated feature in over 700 newspapers. Smyth-sewn softcover, 8" x 8", 396 pages.

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