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Order your hat in 100% un-dyed, pure beaver fur-felt, and be one of the first to hearken back to an era in hat making a hundred and forty years ago. The first cowboy hats were made from pure beaver fur-felt, natural and un dyed, and unless the cowboy lost it or had it stolen - the hat lasted a lifetime. Watch the hat fade and lighten, become streaked from all weather wear, and become just as unique as the wearer. For an all weather hat - nothing beats a traditional western hat made from beaver fur - it's what old west cowboys wore.

Custom Rodeo Cowboy Hats.

Some Current Professional Cowboys who wear
Our Hats

Jesse Bail
Joe Gunderson
Jason Havens
Joey Bell Jr.
Charley Crawford
Jeff Willert
Cody Taton
Chuck Schmidt
Ardie Maier
Bobby Welsh
Kanin Asay
Tom Reeves
Andy Martinez
Kelly Timberman
Scott Montague
Chad Ferley
Jeff Willert
J.J. Elshere

Bobby Mote
Jeff Davis
Cimmaron Gerke
Cleve Schmidt

And Canadians
Davey Shields Jr.
Kyle Daines
Todd Herzog

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Western Hat Expert Longfellow.

The Last Best Cowboy Hat.

Custom Western Hats from The Last Best West.

The Last Best Cowboy Hat
Was conceived and designed by Longfellow after a life long love affair with cowboys; western movie's and hats. A Master Hatter in his own right, Longfellow, has a hand :) in all new designs.

The Last Best Cowboy Hat started off in 2002 with 6 authentic old west designs researched from the Glenbow Museum, Smithsonian online, and Longfellow's own library. The Dakota, The Champie; The Calgary, The Jolan, Augustus, and The Boss of the Town, started us off, and our hat catalogue has been expanding ever since. Longfellow's design: The Rocky Mountain Ranger. :: Testimonials

For lovers of quality cowboy and western hats, you'll get a top notch custom hat with unmatched service from a company that knows Cowboy Hats inside and out. From the history and tradition of the authentic big brimmed western hat to the modern day cowboy hat's that adorn some of Rodeo's most stellar performers, we will make you that western hat you've always prized.

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The Last Best Cowboy Hat. One of a kind Fur-Felt Art.
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Sassy Ladies Custom Hats

Sassy Ladies is for all the wives, girlfriends, mothers and daughters who cheer their Cowboy's on, or participate in SASS and Cowboy Action Shoots. Now treat yourself and get a finely made custom western hat to rival your fella's!

Why should men have all the fun?
Over the years, many of the wives and girlfriends that have ordered hats for their cowboys, have asked when we were going to do some strictly ladies hats. - so here we go, and remember ladies; back in the day all women's hats had the bow on the right. Click for our ordering process.

Custom Women's Cowboy Hats
BEFORE you call or e-mail us questions about our Custom Hats please click here and read this. :: Testimonials
Q: I'm looking for a ____ Hat. I checked your product catalogue and didn't see it. Can you make it?

A: Yes. As I'm sure you can appreciate it's just not possible to show all the different variations of crowns and brims. If it's made from fur-felt and you can supply us a good picture - yes we can make it. Generally we already carry the same style of hat, we just shape it based on the photo or if it's a movie hat we shape it from watching the movie and seeing the hat from all possible angles to get the look just so. We can do up to a 6" (inch) high crown and a 5" wide brim. Click for our other most common questions.
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Rodeo Queen

Longfellow and other gunfighters wear a Last Best Cowboy Hat.

Masters of Rodeo

Traditional Old West Hats

Big Monty

Western Movie Hats

Custom Movie Hat


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