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The Author - Longfellow.

As far as we know we were the first on the web to offer more than just a paragraph as an excerpt from a fiction novel. That was 10 years ago.

The nine excepts from The Last Best West constitute about 35 pages of the novel and when read in order, give the reader a  strong sense for the characters, drama, and adventure of The Last Best West.
Story Synopsis

Excerpt Order 

  1. The Outlaw Poke
  2. Ravissante's
  3. Old Woman Hill
  4. Davey Otter on Fame
  5. The Mountie Quinn
  6. Billy Bird's Yarn
  7. Swiftwater's Telegram
  8. Swiftwater Jim

If you enjoy these excerpts we guarantee you'll enjoy the rest - or your money back. No bull.

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A Classic Adventure Novel.


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The Silver Spur Gunfighters.


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The Wild Bunch
The Most Famous Western Wanted Poster

Western Wanted Poster

"We were passing the place (picture studio) and thought it would be a good joke to have our pictures taken." So said Butch Cassidy about this picture that eventually led to the Wild Bunch's downfall. The photographer was so proud of the picture he put it in his front window and a Pinkerton man saw it.

There's two very interesting aspects of this picture that set Butch and Sundance apart from the other three members of the Wild Bunch. These two style characteristics just reinforce the close bond between Butch and Sundance. Pards to the end. . .can you spot the two differences? Go here for the answers.

History of Wanted Posters
The definitive answer to what was the first wanted poster; no one knows - it's lost in history. However the first "purported" wanted poster in America was one for the Apprehension of President Lincoln's murderer; John Wilkes Boothe. Issued in 1865 it was quickly distributed and within a week troops had killed Boothe while trying to capture him.

Wanted posters were used in merry olde England to help identify "Outlaws". The origin of this word is quite fascinating. It comes from old English and was used to denote a person who was "outside the Law" - which in medieval times meant a person who was not protected by the law of the land, and could be killed by any citizen and the reward collected.

Wanted Posters have always served an important need - that of making the citizenry aware of criminals or "outlaws" in the immediate area. They are most often displayed at Police Stations or Post Offices. In today's world there are thousands of wanted posters posted on the Internet. Click for our line of wild west wanted posters.

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(L-R) The Sundance Kid, William Carver, Ben Kilpatrick, Kid Curry, Butch Cassidy.

Old West Posters
We've developed an original line of Old West Poster Art - and frankly we think there's nothing like it any where else. Old West Heroes like Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickock, George Armstrong Custer, and Gunfighters like Jesse James, Butch and Sundance, John Wesley Hardin, Billy The Kid, and Doc Holliday have all been faithfully portrayed in the context of their times.

Go to our Old West Posters page.


Legends of the West Poster Collection

Some Old West Personalities just refuse to fade into the history books. Men like Wild Bill Hickok (or Hickock - depending on which reference book you use) , Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer and the US 7th Cavalry have more acclaim now - then they did when alive. And they were dang famous when they walked the Old West.

We've captured the essence of these famous wild west personalities and have put them into a classic old west poster format. Click here for our Legends of the West Page - and all the particulars.

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