Executive Saddle Bags


Executive Saddle Bags

If you do a lot of business out of your car - you can easily slide the bags over the passenger seat headrest, keeping all your important gear from flying around and easy to access.

Another original product from The Last Best West
Executive Saddle Bags
These unique bags will show your cowboy style.  Simple and elegant the oversized saddle bags are a functional alternative to cumbersome briefcases.

Load these custom saddle bags with all your business gear; throw them over your shoulder and walk a city block or two. You'll never go back to carrying a briefcase. The heavy leather bags can easily hold most anything, including your lap top, legal size folders, binders, note books, and cables. Inside you will find sleeves to hold your wallet, pens, or even a memory stick. We've even put a cell phone sleeve on the outside neck, and a heavy duty handle for ease of handling.

Saddle Bags are a natural ergonomic design, because the double bags distribute the weight evenly over your chest, back and shoulders. Freeing up both hands, and substantially reducing the stress on your arm, neck, and shoulders from lugging an overloaded briefcase for blocks at a time.

The American Chiropractic Association recommends that back packs not exceed 8 pounds of weight when empty. Our oversized executive saddle bags are just 5 pounds when empty or barely 2.5 kg's.

  OVERSIZED SADDLE BAG FEATURES Click pics for larger images.
Expect 3-5 week delivery in North America

Saddle bag design nicely distributes the weight over your shoulders, and free's up both hands.

Exterior sleeve gives quick access to your Cell phone or PDA.

Heavy duty handle makes the saddle bags easy to maneuver.

Saddle Bags sit well on the head rest of the passenger seat of any vehicle. Giving easy access to the contents and secures them while driving.

Back of the bags show no metal to catch or snag the upholstery.

Executive Saddle Bags are available in our five colors:
Black, Saddle Tan, Antique Brown, Deadwood Brown and Old Mahogany.

Click here for color samples. :: Expect 3-5 week delivery in North America

PRICE: $395.00 :: Shipping: $35.00 :: TOTAL: $430.00 :: Order Now | Check-Out

Should you have ANY trouble ordering online please call 1-866-207-1909 and we will be happy to take your phone order.

Hair on Hide as seen to the right in Deadwood Brown. Adds a dynamic look to the saddle bags for just 45 dollars more, and covers both flaps. Easily add it as an option during the check out porocess.

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Roomy interior easily holds your lap top, cables, wallet, pens, with plenty of room to spare. And having 2 bags doubles your carrying ability.

Large clip boards, binders, receipt books all easily fit within the oversized design.

4 Small locks (NOT included) effectively secure the flaps if locking is important.

What Clients Say:
From: dockoury@ Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 10:34 PM Subject: RE: Executive Saddle Bags. Hi Sonja, The saddle bags are GREAT! They look good and fit ALL modes of transportation...Have a great day. GKoury, MD ( The Doc has a 3 mile jaunt to his office; he either rides his horse, 4 wheeler, or his motorcycle.) Click for more testimonials about our quality cowboy gear.

Cowboy Action Shooters

Will find these oversized saddle bags just the thing to carry all your cowboy action tools. You can easily store a gunbelt; two holsters; spurs, wild rags and ammo. And that's just in one side.

On the other side you can carry a two pistol case and more ammo, and in most cases when the flaps are locked the bags are legal for firearm transport.

Further customization of the bags is possible, and is only limited by your imagination.

Click pics for larger images.

SASS Custom Leather

Executive Saddle Bags are available in our four colors:
Black, Saddle Tan, Antique Brown, and Deadwood Brown. Click here for color samples.

Saddle Bags: $395.00 ::: Shipping: $35.00 ::: TOTAL: $430.00 ::: Order Now | Check-Out

Expect 3-5 week delivery in North America

Indian Riffle Sheaths: Mountain men and trappers were the first whites to wander the wild places of the west, and they soon learned the value of fine leather work from the Indians.

Four different quality levels to choose from. Show your style and carry your prized long-arm in a classic Indian rifle scabbard.

We promise to make no two custom pieces exactly the same - and our originality and individuality bring clients back time and again to our order catalogue.

Click for our custom sheath page.

Questions and quote requests should be e-mailed to
ORDERS CALL TOLL FREE: 1-866-207-1909. 
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Custom Cowboy Hats
Anyone that wear's and appreciates hats deserves a pure beaver western hat at least once in their life. Our custom western hats are made the old west way - one at a time, starting with the best fur-felt hat body available - made in the USA - and fashion as fine a custom western hat as you can find anywhere, for any money.

Once you wear one of our hats you will know why we call it; The Last Best Cowboy Hat. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS :: COWBOY HAT FACTS

Real Rodeo Champions wear our hats. For a complete listing of all our hats - click this link for our online catalogue. 

Cowboy Hat Home :: Western Movie Hats :: Old West Hats :: Masters of Rodeo
Custom Western Hat

Custom Gun Leather
The Masterson - Custom Cross Draw Holster

Bat Masterson was one of the most feared and respected "Shootist's" of the Old West. He employed a cross-draw pull, and his skill with a hand gun was such that everyone kept theirs holstered with Masterson around. Own a classic custom holster inspired by Bat's simple - yet elegant rig.

Shown in black cow hide, with heavy, plain black belt. In the holster is a 45 Cal. Colt Peacemaker,  with 4" barrel - nickel plated. We will custom make to accommodate the make, model, and calibre of your firearm. Side arm is very secure when pushed down in the holster and comes with a hammer tie-down.

Click for our Custom Leather Page


Custom Hand Made Hatbands

Freshen the look of your favorite old hat with a new custom hat band from The Last Best West. Introduced in the spring of 2011 our hatbands are all made by hand, and have that authentic Cowboy flavor to help you stand out from the herd. We still won't sell the custom hat bands that go with our great hats, but here's a selection of 8 original hatband's to help you make your own statement.

We've adapted a slider so every hat band ties off at the back and is held in place by light pressure. It's surprising fast and you can easily take our hatband off and put it on a different hat. This design innovation gives a dang fine fit every time. :: Custom Hatbands

Sassy Ladies Cowboy Hats

Why should men have all the fun?
Over the years, many of the wives and girlfriends that have ordered hats for their cowboys, have asked when we were going to do some strictly ladies hats. - so here we go, and remember ladies; back in the day all women's hats had the bow on the right.

Exceptional Service from The Last Best West
Ladies, we will give you expert personal service designing your Traditional Old West, or Classic Western Movie Hat. If you don't see what you want - send us a picture - and we'll make our version of that hat.

Sassy Ladies Hats :: Testimonials :: Cowboy Hat Home

Authentic Wanted Posters

Pony Express

Old West Posters

Jesse Woodson James
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