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Our Custom Last Best Cowboy Hats
are made in
America from the finest
fur-felt available and will stand
the test of time.

Should you have ANY trouble ordering please call 1-866-207-1909 and we will be happy to take your phone order.

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    Our hand-made Cowboy hats are made in America and will
    take 6-8 weeks to custom make.
    The Last Best West

    Overseas buyers please read this :: All Our Contact Info

  1. Know or find out your hat size (Click for instructions)
  2. Determine color. Click for our Color Choices. Color variances caused by individual computer monitors are beyond our control
  3. We are an Internet based business. We ask that all customers have an e-mail address, so that you are able to receive and confirm the details of your custom hat order.
  4. We will be happy to answer your questions, when you place your phone order by calling 1.866.207.1909. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, or DISCOVER cards over the phone. Once your order is received, you will be e-mailed within a business day with a Production Receipt to confirm your hat details.
  5. Once we have your order and all necessary information - your Custom Cowboy Hat will take 6-8 weeks to hand-make. Rush orders (if able to accommodate) are charged a premium of 20%. Our standard sizing is 6 3/4 - 8. The largest hat we have made and can make is about an 8 1/4.
  6. Shipping anywhere in North America is $35.00. Overseas orders please add the additional $50.00 dollars shipping during checkout.

    ORDERS CALL TOLL FREE: 1-866-207-1909

    Monday to Thursday 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM Eastern
    Monday to Thursday 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM Central Time
    Monday to Thursday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Mountain Time
    Monday to Thursday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time

    are always here to help, but not always at the very second you call. Please leave a message!


  • You will quite often get a faster answer to your questions by emailing us at
  • Click for answers to our 10 most common questions
  • Most hats are variations of hats we already make. There are over a hundred hats in our hat catalogue, and lots of neat stories to go along with them. Check through the cataloque, and once you find a similar style to the hat you are looking for, place your order. We will confirm any changes from our standard style. ALL production details for your hat are confirmed within 1 BUSINESS day of your order being placed.
  • If you request a quote PLEASE e-mail us a picture of the hat you want so we know what you are talking about.

    Questions, quote requests, and all other enquiries please e-mail us at

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Crown and Brim Measurements
We make custom cowboy hats
so the crown and brim measurements are pretty much redundant. The hats you see online are our standard hats, if you want a specific crown and brim height we will confirm that after your order is received. We can make up to a six (6") inch crown and a five (5") brim. Any hat with a brim width of more than 4 inches we must start with an oversized hat body, which adds a little to the cost. Most of our cowboy hats have a crown height between 5 and 6 inches and a brim width of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. The hat styles shown with a wider brim include the Wasey, Quigley, Everett Hitch, Little J, and all our B-Movie hats.



Wooden Hat Stretcher FITS SIZES 6 7/8 - 8

We recommend all customers who OWN a good hat, get a hat stretcher. It Is a small cost for a tool that will help keep ALL your hats fitting properly.

As well, if you only wear your hat seldom; or have a number of hats you wear, you will find our wooden hat stretcher a valuable addition to maintaining the perfect shape of your custom cowboy hat.

PRICE: $25.00 :: Shipping: $13.00 ::TOTAL: $38.00 :: Order Now | Checkout

Hat Stretcher

Questions and quote requests should be e-mailed to
ORDERS CALL TOLL FREE: 1-866-207-1909. 
:: Overseas buyers please read this :: All Our Contact Info
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OUR STANDARD DELIVERY IS STILL 6- 8 weeks for our quality hand made cowboy hats.
For a complete listing of all our hats - click this link for our online catalogue.
The Last Best Cowboy Hat. One of a kind Fur-Felt Art.
  • Beaver Fur Felt
    Is dense and virtually waterproof. It consists of beaver and/or rabbit/hare fur blended with felt to produce a material that lasts 5-10 times longer than wool-felt. A fine Beaver and Beaver blend fur-felt hat can be re-blocked and shaped numerous times, and is the best material from which to manufacture hats. Supposedly the higher the beaver content the higher the X factor - but unfortunately there is no standard within the hat making fraternity - and a lot of confusion. On the Internet few hat sellers tell you what their fur-felt is comprised of - not to mention seen straw hats promoted as 100X.

    As a general rule of thumb if a hat maker just describes their hat bodies as fur-felt, chances are it's rabbit or Hare. Hat makers who use beaver fur-felt are proud of it and will state so. We sell 3 quality beaver blends of fine western hats - 5X, 20X and 100X. 5X is a blend of about 5% beaver with rabbit and felt. Our 20X is 50% beaver and our 100X is pure 100% beaver fur-felt.

For an all weather hat - you can't beat a pure beaver cowboy hat. Light, stiff, and fabulous looking it'll shed what ever comes it's way. And consider this: Beavers live in the water, rabbits in the dirt. 'Nuff said.

From the materials, to the workmanship - you won't find a better hat anywhere, at any price. We don't make promises - like all real cowboys we believe that just saying a thing is promise enough.

True Old West Hats
Order your hat in 100X undyed, pure beaver fur-felt, and be one of the first to hearken back to an era in hat making a hundred and forty years ago. The first cowboy hats were made from 100% beaver fur-felt, natural and undyed, and unless the cowboy lost it or had it stolen - the hat lasted a lifetime. For an all weather hat - nothing beats a traditional western hat made from pure beaver fur - it's what old west cowboys wore.

Questions? E-mail us:

Our logo is only on the images NOT the hats


Q: I'm looking for a ____ Hat. I checked your product catalogue and didn't see it. Can you make it?
A: In most cases, yes. I'm sure you can appreciate it's just not possible to show all the different variations of crowns and brims. If it's made from fur-felt and you can supply us a good picture - yes we can make it. Generally we already carry the same style of hat, we just shape it based on the photo or if it's a movie hat we shape it from watching the movie and seeing the hat from all possible angles to get the look just so. We can do up to a 6" (inch) high crown and a 5" wide brim.

Q: Can I get the same style hatband that the original movie hat had?
A: If it's a satin ribbon and bow, or plain leather; then yes. Other than that the answer is probably no. This is likely the hardest thing in replicating a movie hat because the costume designers/actor/director/ or perhaps all three came up with a very unique type of hat band to make the hat stand out above the crowd. We make our version of the hat, and you can choose any hatband that you may see on any of the hats in our product catalogue.

Q: Do you have to put holes in the hat to put on a windstring?
A: Yes. They go right above your ears, to allow the latigo lace thru. It's the original and best way to put on a windstring. You can buy commercial stampede strings that have clips that go up under the sweat liner and jam into the crown. We hate them. They mess up the fit of the hat and they don't hold tight in a real strong wind. We know we've tried them.

Q: Can you mail me a catalogue of all your hats?
A: WE have NO print catalogue - trying to be environmentally responsible.
ALL OUR HATS are listed here on our online catalogue.

Q: Why does the same color appear different in your hat pictures?
A: The difference in {indoors; outdoors; bright day or cloudy day} lighting accounts for the variance in color. In addition every computer will display colors slightly different. Please understand that color variances caused by individual computer monitors is beyond our control. THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF OUR HAT COLORS IS IN THE GROUP PICTURE BELOW.

Q: What is fur-felt/what quality do you carry?
A: Fur felt is beaver and or rabbit fur mixed with felt to produce a material that lasts 5-10 times longer than wool felt, and is the best material from which to manufacture fine hats. Click here for more information. 

Q: What's the correct way to measure my head?
A: The best is to have a helper, and click here and follow the simple steps.

Q: What colors do you carry?
A: Starting from the lightest: Bone; Silver Mist; Silver Belly; Sand; Dyed Natural; Sahara; Undyed Natural; Whiskey; Rust; Pecan; Deep Moss Green; Chocolate; Granite; Charcoal; Black Cherry, Black. Click for more information.

Q: Do you carry straw hats?
A: No. There's a number of reasons we don't. Straw hats were not worn by old west cowboys, they considered them peasant or farmer headware. Yes; in the deep south Plantation Owners did but that was generally before the cowboy era. Straw cowboy hats became popular starting in the 1920s with the advent of modern rodeo's. Rodeo Cowboy's didn't want to trash their good fur felt hats so they started wearing straw cowboy hats, during the events, because they were cheap. Nothings changed - they still are. We make hats that last. And the last reason is we don't find straw hats much cooler than a good beaver hat, and those popular Guatemalan leaf hats are such a tight weave they are really hot, and also heavy.

Most other questions will be answered by reading below.

Our hat liner - The Last Best Cowboy Hat.

In most cases, if it was made in the Past - it can be made in the Present.

Generally questions starting with, "Can you make. . . ."  is yes. In most cases we already make a hat style similar to the one you want, so send us a picture or some information and we will give you a price and point you in the right direction!

Send your pricing requests to Sonja at

To the left is a picture of our hat liner. From the BEAVER fur-felt hat bodies to the rest of the fixings you'd be hard pressed to find a better made hat anywhere. For any price. If you don't believe us - see what our clients say on our testimonial page


We constantly get asked if we can make an EXACT replica of a particular hat. The answer is no. Realistically no one can. Our quality hats are made, formed, shaped by hand, not a machine. When anything is made by hand there are bound to be slight variations. Not even the original master hatter could make one EXACTLY the same. We make our VERSION of that hat.

Often the toughest thing in replicating a hat is the hat band. That is because they are so individual and as is mentioned in other places on the website - back in the day traditional cowboys personalized their hats with a unique hat band. Most working cowboys today still do. The prices listed are for hats as they are shown. You are free to choose any hat band we currently use for any of our hats, just let us know when your hat details are confirmed within a day of the order being placed.

E-mail us your questions!

All our hats are custom made one at a time. Our Master Hatter handles every step of production, unlike large hat makers who employ an assembly line to get the hats made. Even many of those hat makers who purport to making custom hats do this. One person to sew on the linings, sweat bands, another to press the hat bodies out of the hat mould, another to stitch on the bound brim and hat band. Finally the Master Hatter to fine tune the brim and crown if required. This is not the right or wrong way to make a hat - it's just a reality of the market place. If you want to turn out a lot of hats that's the only way - employing an assembly line. But we don't turn out thousands of hats a year, and by doing it all himself our Master Hatter maintains exceptional quality to keep us making one of the best hat's on the market. OUR HAT EXPERT

All our hats are unique, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted fur-felt art. Order yours today. :: CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

Hat Size/Proper Head Measurement
Refund Policy
We are making a hand made Custom Old West, or Western Movie Hat for you. You will keep it. 99% of orders everything will go smooth. In the odd situation where it doesn't - we will make you happy, and get it right 100% of the time.

BEST PRACTICES! If you are new to wearing sized hats it is always a good idea to visit your nearest mall and try some on so you know how they fit and what your size is.

  • If you are a hat person, order your usual North American hat size. Our sizing is the same. The chart at right gives the standard head measurement for each specific hat size. For example If you normally wear a size 7 3/8 your head measurement is 23 3/8"
  • Remember the fit of your hat is only as good as the size and/or measurement you supply us with - so take due care for accuracy.
  • If you only know your hat size in cms, just let us know when you are e-mailed to confirm your hat details.
  • An accurate and correct head measurement helps us fine tune the fit for each particular client.
  • You'll need a friend, and a soft tape measure to measure your head. You know - the type the fella uses to measure your trouser inseam.

  • Look straight ahead and have your helper measure your head. Using the soft tape - they should measure over your hair, just above your ears, and a half inch above your eye brows.
  • Make sure the tape is slightly slack - but not loose. You should be able to feel the tape but it should not be tight - or the fit will be as well! Measure twice - to be sure. BUT ONCE AGAIN NEVER MEASURE TIGHT.
  • Match your head measurement to the closest corresponding hat size (at right) and make a note of it for when you order.
  • If your measurement is not listed pick the closest and we will adjust it when Sonja confirms your production details within a day of your hat order being received.


Hat Home :: Contact Us :: Shipping Policies :: Online Catalogue :: Testimonials

A Note about Color
Color variances caused by individual computer monitors are beyond our control.
Light colors will reflect heat the best - while dark colors will retain the heat the most - with black being the worst for staying hot (black absorbs sunlight).
However black is the most formal color so bowlers and top hats were generally black or dark gray. For the first 15-20 years cowboy hats were marketed - your choice of color was black and about 3 shades of brown. Please keep in mind we try to take our pictures with natural light - so differences between the same color reflects the difference in light when the picture was taken: Indoors, Outdoors, Sunny Day or Cloudy.
Click here for our hat catalogue.







Click here for a large image of all the colors




Western Movie Hats  :: Old West Hats :: Masters of Rodeo :: Testimonials

Custom Made For. . . .
All our custom western hat's are personalized with your name, initials, or moniker stamped in gold foil on the sweat band, inside the crown. Limit of 22 Characters please. No additional charge.

1898 Bow
This was the most common bow style of the 19th century. If you prefer this bow style for any of our hats, just request it when your hat details are confirmed via e-mail.

Back in the 19th century and the first 4 decades of the 20th century, when hats were a very common part of every day dress, women's hats had the bow on the right hand side. If you want the bow on the right - request it when your hat details are confirmed via e-mail.

Click for larger image .
Custom Stampede String.

Custom Wind string.
Heavy Latigo lace includes this oak, stained slider. You can choose either a medium or large slider, stained in Deadwood Brown or Old Oak. As well you can select brown or black leather lace.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

Never lose your hat again with this handsome stampede string. Easily select your choices during the checkout process.

Price: $30.00 | Shipping: $12.00 | Total:$ 42.00

Order Now | Check-Out

Indian Riffle Sheaths
Mountain men and trappers were the first whites to wander the wild places of the west, and they soon learned the value of fine leather work from the Indians.

Four different quality levels to choose from. Show your style and carry your prized long-arm in a classic Indian rifle scabbard.

We promise to make no two custom pieces exactly the same - and our originality and individuality bring clients back time and again to our order catalogue.

Click for our custom sheath page.

Bound Brim

Bound Brim

Binding the brim edge with the same Grosgrain ribbon as the hat band, strengthens the edge, making it stiffer and allowing the brim shape to hold better. A bound edge finishes the brim off nicely with rich looking detail. Most small brimed, or Town hats, have a bound edge.

The open crowned hat pictured at left was perhaps the most common crown style of the late 19th century and sold in the mail order catalogues of the day like, Sears-Roebuck, and the Hudson Bay Company.

A bound Brim is difficult to re-work or re-shape - but can be removed fairly easily.

Open Brim

Open Brim 

Not as dressy or showy as a bound edge, this unfinished brim edge was much more common on working hats, cavalry and military hats.

An unfinished brim allows you to shape and mold it to your taste - or easily change the look in the future. An Unfinished Brim is more for an everyday-do-yer-work type Cowboy Hat.

Click pictures for a larger image.

Cowboy Hat Fact
Humans have always used something to cover their head from the elements - but it wasn't until the 15th century that hats became a fashionable part of people's dress. Many types of materials were used: Silk, velvet, taffeta, leather and wool felt.

None of these materials are that great for a working hat - because these materials tend to lose their shape with extended exposure to rain and snow. When beaver fur was mixed with felt or rabbit fur and felt, hat makers had the perfect material to make virtually weatherproof fine hats that kept their shape. A new continent seemed populated with an inexhaustible supply of beaver and so started the exploration and colonization of North America in the 17th century.

Cowboy Hat Care  
Traditional Cowboys seldom cleaned their Cowboy Hat - other than a simple slap with their hand, or against their leg as they picked themselves up. A rinsing was something rain or snow provided, or the hat got a bath when it's owner did. Good Hats were for the wealthy, a Range Cowboy made do with one - for every occasion. We subscribe to the traditionalist way - let your custom beaver fur-felt cowboy hat age gracefully with you!

  • When your hat gets wet let it dry naturally. Don't put it in the furnace room or use a blow dryer on it! Put a hat retainer/stretcher in the hat to hold the proper size. A good hat is similar to a pair of jeans; the hat will shrink slightly when wet and stetch out when worn again. Our wooden hat stretcher is a very useful tool to keep all your hats fitting properly, for a small price.
  • When your hat gets dirty or dusty, easiest way to clean it is with a hat brush, or even better vacuum it with a shop vac.
  • Never lay your hat brim down. This puts a lot of stress on the brim and will cause it to lose its shape. Be sure that you place the hat on its crown with the brim up.
  • Hang the hat on a hat stand, coat hook, or some other such perch. That way the curled part of the brim is not taking any weight. Saddle horn works best!
  • KEEP THE BOX YOUR CUSTOM HAT COMES IN FOR STORAGE OR TRAVEL. You could also make a cardboard ring that will hold the crown of the hat snugly. If you are storing your hat for an extended period - put it in a bag as dust will damage your hat over time - but be sure to leave the bag open slightly to allow air to circulate. If you don't mildew may occur.
  • Always try to leave your hat in a cool, dry environment. NEVER in direct sunlight - or fading may occur. Probably not the best idea to leave it in your vehicle.
  • Should you spill whiskey, beer or some other tasty beverage on your hat, once you stop crying; rinse the spot immediately with COLD WATER ONLY! If you use warm water it can set the stain. Once the fur-felt is dry, brush with a hat brush, or an old toothbrush, to bring the nap back.
  • If you get chocolate or some other sticky substance on your hat let it dry before attempting to clean. Grab a small knife and gingerly scrap the crud off. If you want to try returning it to like new - there are numerous commercial cleaners available for your Cowboy Hat. Most large western wear chains have a selection to choose from.

Disclaimer! Supplied as information only - your own common sense should always be followed.

Cowboy Hat Etiquette - By Longfellow
No other piece of clothing carries such a complicated set of rules involving it's wear. Here's some traditional rules for wearing a cowboy hat - and some we think are just good manners.      

  •  Any hat should be removed when eating anywhere, that includes baseball caps!
  •  Any hat should be removed when the national anthem of any country is played. Hold your hat in your right hand, over your heart. This applies to women, unless their hat is held on with hat pins.
  • Cowboys tip their hats to ladies when out doors, remove them when being introduced, and remove them when entering a ladies home.
  • Men never tipped their hats to other men in the Old West. It was akin to calling them a woman. A nod was a common greeting when not shaking hands. The Code of the West
  • In commercial or public buildings it's not necessary to remove your hat - but should be when entering a private office. Generally considered polite to remove it in a private home, unless other people are wearing their hat.
  •  Wearing a {cowboy} hat to a theatre or movie is fine but should be removed if it blocks anyone's view of the entertainment.

    There's many more hat rules then those listed - but if you can remember these - you'll do fine partner!

Load these oversized saddle bags with all your business gear; throw them over your shoulder and walk a city block or two. You'll never go back to carrying a briefcase. The heavy leather bags can easily hold most anything, including your lap top, legal size folders, binders, note books, and cables.

Inside you will find sleeves to hold your wallet, pens, or even a memory stick. We've even put a cell phone sleeve on the outside neck, and a heavy duty handle for easy carrying.

Cowboy Action Shooters will find these oversized saddle bags just the thing to carry all your cowboy action tools. You can easily store a gunbelt; two holsters; spurs, wild rags and ammo. And that's just in one side. On the other side you can carry a two pistol case and more ammo, and in most cases when the flaps are locked the bags are legal for firearm transport. 

 Click for our Executive Saddle Bag page.

Custom Oversized Saddle Bags
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